Virgin Cruises to simplify booking process

Virgin Cruises to simplify booking process

Even though the first of the Virgin Cruises ships is not set to be delivered until 2020, we are sure during 2015 and 2016, there will be plenty of Virgin Cruises updates. The things is, we currently know so little, and we were very happy when we found out that had an interview with Tom McAlpin, who is the CEO of Richard Branson’s latest venture.

There are so many things wrong with the cruise industry says McAlpin, which is why Virgin Cruises aims to simplify the booking process for starters, as this is said to be one of the most confusing aspect of the industry. McAlpin said he tried to book a cruise online, but became so confused that he just called a travel agent to book the cruise for him instead.

Thats’s not all, as Virgin Cruises also aims to simplify other aspects, such as the inclusiveness, the experience and pretty much everything. also asks a series of other questions about Virgin Cruises, so find find out those questions and answers, please head to the website now.

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