Reserve The Big Nude Boat 2016 on Celebrity Constellation

Reserve The Big Nude Boat 2016

If you enjoyed The Big Nude Boat or missed out this year, then fear not, as there will be another chance to experience nudist cruising next year. In 2016 it will be the Celebrity Constellation that will be taking these naked passengers on a cruise not to forget.

The company says that 70 per cent of its customers are returning ones, with the others made up from either word of mouth, or those curious about what it would be like to go on a nude cruise.

Bare Necessities do not want you to miss out, and so are already allowing you to reserve your 2016 Big Nude Boat cruise aboard Celebrity Constellation, which if from February 6 – 16. We have placed an image of the itinerary above, which shows there will be a stop at the French Island of Martinique, which will coincide with the Fat Tuesday Carnival celebration.

If you are curious and also a keen nudist, then why not join the 2,000 plus other guests on the cruise to see what the experience will be like when you all have your clothes off.

Head to for the full The Big Nude Boat 2016 itinerary, or if you have any questions on reservations and other information, then please call 800.743.0405 or 512.499.0405.

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