Norwegian Star gets 2016 Southeast Asia itineraries

Norwegian Star 2016 Southeast Asia itineraries

Southeast Asia is an ever-growing market for the cruise industry, hence why some of the big cruise ship companies have already adjusted its fleets so that they can offer sailings to the likes of China. Norwegian Cruise Line is to also offer the same thing by returning to Asia once again, when they send Norwegian Star to Asia in 2016.

The 2016 Norwegian Star itineraries will see the cruise ship leave from Dubai, Hong Kong, Istanbul, and Singapore. She will also sail into the Arabian Gulf and India, which is another first for the ship, and to make things even more special, you will port overnight in Mumbai.

Norwegian President Andy Stuart had already hinted that the company was to expand to Australia and New Zealand, and that has now been made official, as there are to also be sailings next year where Norwegian Star will depart from Sydney and Auckland.

The Norwegian Cruise Line ship will still call the Baltic home in the summer months, and only transition to Asia, Australia and New Zealand later in the year.

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