Viking Ocean Cruises compensation following Star cancellation

Viking Ocean Cruises compensation following Star cancellation

It would seem that Viking Ocean Cruises has been experiencing a few teething issues with its Viking Star cruise ship, as she is still in port due to a mechanical issue. As a result this has led to the cancellation of its current cruise, and we are not certain what will happen with the next Viking Star itinerary.

Engineers are currently working on the problem, which is due to the electric transformers, which is part of its propulsion system. While Viking has yet to announce any sort of compensation package, we know that they will have to offer something.

Passengers have been offered the opportunity to stay on the ship, although she will not be going anywhere. If not, then they also have the option to stay at a hotel in Bergen until August 8th, which is the date the cruise was meant to end.

When something like this usually happens they are offered a full refund of the cruise they are on, or a free future cruise. We have yet to get any confirmation as to what passengers will be offered, or how long repairs will take. If you are one of the passengers, then please add a comment below to keep our readers informed as to the situation.

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