Celebrity Cruises jobs with a difference via Facebook

Celebrity Cruises jobs with a difference via Facebook

Working within the cruise ship industry takes a great deal of commitment, and so it is always better if you are in a position to leave your home for long periods at a time. However, there are still jobs that you can do within the cruising industry that allows you to be very flexible.

Celebrity Cruises has taken to their Facebook page to ask for people to sign up and apply to become part of their Cruise Xperts. They ask that if you are passionate about Celebrity and would like to share your experiences with other people, then you would make a perfect candidate.

Before you consider becoming an advocate, you need to answer yes to a few questions, such as if you enjoy talking about your cruise experiences, or if you do not mind sharing ship or excursion advice. You also need to have a good amount of knowledge about all Celebrity Cruises cabin types and amenities.

There are so many positives to this sort of job, such as knowing you are helping others find the information they need, earn money, become part of the inner circle of Celebrity Cruises, the ability to do this anywhere with an Internet connection, and work around your own schedule.

Apply now and get started.

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