Carnival Vista construction progress visually detailed

Carnival Vista construction progress

When we first learned of the Carnival Vista cruise ship back in January the progress was slow at first, but then it always is because it involves the steel cutting and the laying of the keel. However, since its float out ceremony the progress will seem faster.

Now we are at this stage in the construction progress we are being treated to Carnival Vista behind the scenes videos and the most recent is “Below the Waterline.”

You can see the Carnival Vista construction progress visually detailed in the video we have embedded for you below. The video is presented by Peter Gonzalez, who has been talking to Carnival Vista’s Chief Engineer Cesare Boldrini about the technology that goes on behind the scenes.

In one part of the video we are told that 85 percent of the Carnival Vista technology being used below the waterline has never been used by the cruise line before.

We also get to see a closer look at the groundbreaking Azipod propulsion system, which can rotate 360 degrees for increased control. While this video might not appeal to those of you considering a cruise on the upcoming Vista, we are sure the next video in the series will, as it will go behind the scenes at the RedFrog Pub.

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