What to wear on a Disney cruise explained

What to wear on a Disney cruise explained

Once you have booked your Disney cruise the one question that keeps being brought up time and again is “what to wear on a Disney cruise” and thankfully the cruise line helps to explain this in a very easy, and insightful way.

We all know that during the day anything goes pretty much, although do not go into the dining hall with any wet clothing on. However, of an evening things change and you need to adhere to the dress code, which is now explained.

What to wear on a Disney cruise

For a Casual Cruise Night the easiest way to explain this is to think how you would dress if going out for a causal dinner at a restaurant. This means that a pair of khakis and a golf shirt for a man is ideal, or a collared shirt and a pair of jeans along with a pair of boat shoes. Kid are pretty much the same, and for women a sundress or a pair of casual pants and a blouse would be fine with a pair of flat shoes.

Formal or semi formal nights are very different because it gives the man a chance to crack out the tuxedo, and a lady to wear a formal gown. However, you can always wear a jacket and dress shirt on a semi-formal night. As for a woman, a sundress will also do on a semi-formal night, but a wonderful ball gown is needed for the formal night.

A full list of what to wear for dinner has been provided for you above.

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