New Carnival shore excursions; options with price focus

New Carnival shore excursion options

Cruise lines rely a lot on shore excursions as a way to help passengers get more from a cruise, which in turns means people will come back, and so help to increase profits. It is for this reason why these companies try to offer new and unique excursions to keep people coning back to them rather than the competition.

Carnival Cruise Line decided to expand on its ever-improving shore excursion offerings by announcing new tours that you can customize to make them as unique as possible. You have the option to go for private tours, or ones that cater more for those of you with a family.

These new Carnival shore excursions come with a choice of options, although all of them have a focus on offering a valued price, some of which even come with free tours for children with a full-paying adult.

When it comes to offering the most shore excursions, Carnival Cruise Line wins hands down, as they offer 1,200 unique experiences that cover over 50 ports in 7 countries. However, that number will increase once Vista begins sailing next year in Europe for the summer months.

For more details on these new Carnival shore excursion you need to head to the Carnival News Blog.

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