MSC cruises to Tunisia cancelled for 2015 – 2016

MSC cruises to Tunisia cancelled

We reported earlier in the year that MSC had cancelled its cruises to Tunisia, and had planned to reinstate those cruises around now, but following recent events they have decided that all cruises to Tunisia are cancelled for 2015-2016.

Cruises to Tunisia cancelled for 2015-2016 means that MSC Preziosa that had been scheduled to call in at La Goulette will now be replaced by Valletta, Malta on November 15, 2015 instead.

There are other MSC itineraries affected, such as MSC Magnifica and MSC Poesia because during their Grand Voyages they were meant to stop off at La Goulette/Tunis, but will each spend an extra day in Alicante, Spain instead.

We highly doubt there will be any sort of refund or credit, as MSC is not cutting these cruises short. Not only that, we are sure these upcoming passengers will be pleased to see that MSC is putting the safety of its customers first – although it has taken the Tunisian authorities to declare a state of emergency for them to take this step.

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