Carnival’s fathom cruises to Cuba in 2016

Carnival's fathom cruises

It was at the start of June that Carnival announced its new cruise line called fathom, without a capital f. At that time we had limited details as to what its itineraries will be, although we did know that P&O’s Adonia would become part of the new fleet and that sailings were to begin from April 2016.

We can now tell you that fathom will being offering its voluntourism cruises to Cuba from may, 2016. While the full list of itineraries have yet to be revealed, we have heard from Cruise Critic, who have told us that there are going to be three ports of call on the island.

It will be very interesting to see how these cruises go, as the US has started to lift sanctions on Cuba. We can see this being a huge benefit to Cuba, along with US citizens, as they will be able to experience the wonderful culture of that country.

During the month of May fathom will visit either Cuba or Dominican Republic, so alternating between the two. The starting price for a fathom cruise to Cuba is $2,990 per person, which is a lot higher than that other destination. However, with so many U.S. citizens yet to experience Cuba, it is certainly worth the price.

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