Free Celestyal cruises until 2016 following Crystal incident

Free Celestyal Cruises

Because of the incident involving the Celestyal Crystal cruise ship and a tanker; affected passengers will be able to claim a free Celestyal cruise. This is already on top of the other gestures for making good the company has offered, showing they are on top of things to keep their customers happy.

The incident happened a couple of days ago, where the Celestyal Crystal collided with the tanker causing a few minor injuries, along with some structural damage to the ship, which has to be inspected.

Passengers had to disembark the same day and the rest of the cruise had to be cancelled. Those affected have been offered to continue their cruise on other ships in the Celestyal fleet, and also putting them up in hotels until they can board these other ships.

They are to also receive a full refund for their cruise, and also being offered a complimentary 7-night cruise to be taken by the end of 2016. All in all this is a pretty good gesture Celestyal Cruises are making, and shows that their number one priority is to make certain passengers are safe and happy.

Having said that, you will find that most cruise companies go above and beyond when there is an incident like this.

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