Titanic 2 ship release progress update in 2015

Titanic 2 ship release progress

It was back in April 2012 that we first learned plans from the Blue Star Line about the launch of the Titanic 2 ship. She was due to set sail in 2016, although things have gone a little quiet, and so we thought an update was in order, seeing as though we have not discussed this project since September of last year.

It’s now June 2015 and so a Titanic 2 ship release progress update is needed. Last reports had suggested that the project had pretty much stalled, although the Blue Star Line has denied this. We can understand why people would think this, as those involved with the building of the ship in China also confirmed that no progress has been made.

The last we knew tests were carried out on a model replica of the ship, and the BBC has recently learned that the Titanic 2 ship will still launch, it has just been pushed back to 2018 – a delay of two years.

It’s all very well saying that, but some sort of official update on the Blue Star Line website would go a long way to prove that the Titanic 2 project is still very much alive.

Do you think this project will ever happen, and if it has been delayed, then why don’t they just tell us the reason for the Titanic II delay? Personally, we believe we will never see its launch, as it is just a high-risk venture by a very wealthy Australian businessman.

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  • johny

    no we never will see this ship i wish we would but it just wont happen

    • Zoe

      Mr. Palmer had an idea and I want her to be built. History may not repeat itself. We do not know what may happen .

  • Aaron NIcholson

    They Say if you want to become a Millionaire, Get a Billion Dollars and Start a Cruise Line based on a horrific Maritime Disaster… Mr Palmer Isn’t made of money…