MSC Cruises reviews specific steps for USA return

MSC Cruises USA

In November we will see the return of MSC Cruises in the USA, where MSC Divina will be in the port of Miami. However, the company has been laying out its plans and we can see they do not want to be another Carnival or Royal Caribbean, as they plan to create a niche market instead.

The cruise ship company has a long-term plan, where they have already come up with passenger figures up until and including 2018. However, these will be based on two ships running from Miami, and those are MSC Divina and, MSC Seaside, which is their new ship on order.

Specific steps for a successful return to the US – First MSC needs to improve its brand to appeal to Americans, which has already begun with a new TV campaign, next up is investing in more staff to push these sailings. This will be intense training for sales staff, and an all-new look website to get rid of the stale look.

We already spoke of another of the steps above, and that is to launch a new ship, in this case the MSC Seaside. This ship will be designed for warmer climates, so plenty of outdoor public space, such as bars and restaurants.

Another huge step that will give a good first impression is the upgrade to the terminal where Seaside will call home, which will include new flooring, seating, luggage carousels and a general refresh of the building itself. More details have also been outlined, which you can read over on Cruise Critic.

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