Virgin Cruise Line employment boost following new ships

Three Virgin Cruises ships

The news that Virgin Cruises is to launch three new ships will see a huge employment boost in the coming years. However, do not expect Virgin Cruise Line employment to begin just yet, as the first ship will not enter service until 2020, with the other two coming in 2021 and 2022 – so we are at least four and a half years away, although it’s a boost for Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri.

The shipbuilder has the contract for all three ships, all of which will be identical at 110,00-tons and will hold 2,860-passengers. We do not yet know what the design of the Virgin Cruises ship will be like, although we are told it will be radically different to what we have seen before – which does intrigue us.

As for that first ship, she will be based in Miami and sail to the Caribbean, although no word on those other two. However, we would love to see a Virgin Cruise ship based in Southampton – the founder is British after all.

With its inaugural sailing in 2020, this does give Virgin Cruises plenty of time to gauge a reaction from its future customers, and so has taken to its website to ask “what you want to be able to see and do when you’re on a Virgin Cruises ship?

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