New Cruising Power booking tool, getting started

New Cruising Power booking tool

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. has recently updated its booking tool for agents within the travel industry. The new tool is said to come with many fun features, so if you have yet to set up an account, you are invited to start one up today.

Before you do, it is worth noting that if you live outside the United States or Canada, then you will not be able to set-up an account online, and will have to call Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd in your country, which is a bit of a shame for agencies in the UK.

Once you select the appropriate choice at the bottom of this page, you will then be taken through a few steps. So if you would like to create a new account, just select New Account Registration form.

After you have gone through the process, you will then wait for your account to become active, and once that happens please make sure you select Register For, which is the second choice on that page above.

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