Carnival Cruise Lines 2015 UK open days, medical jobs

Carnival Cruise Lines 2015 UK open days

If you have been thinking of starting a career on a cruise ship and have a medical background, then you might want to visit one of the Carnival Cruise Lines 2015 UK open days. There are seven dates left, all of which are looking for a ship’s Doctor and ship’s Nurse.

There have already been two open days, and like we said above, there is still the chance for you to start your cruise ship career, albeit as part of the infirmary team.

Carnival Cruise Lines Open Days for 2015 are as follows: Wednesday 24 June, Wednesday 22 July, Tuesday 11 August, Tuesday 15 September, Monday 20 October, Monday 9 November, and Monday 7 December.

These Medical Open Days will be held on ships in port at Southampton. Contact if you are interested, and remember, these jobs are very popular and are limited in numbers, so book your place way in advance.

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