Saint Laurent cruise ship crash in New York

Saint Laurent cruise ship crash in New York

There is always a fear when we see headlines of a cruise ship crash, and so we were overly worried when we heard that the Saint Laurent cruise ship had crashed in New York. Latest news reports tell us that 17 passengers have been injured, although we are pleased to report that there have been no fatalities, and the injured passengers have now been released from hospital.

The M.V. St Laurent owned ship had been cruising up the St Lawrence Seaway in Massena, and while in the Eisenhower Lock it hit a wall, which no doubt caused all 274 people onboard to wonder what on earth was going on.

While there are those 17 injuries to consider, this latest cruise ship accident could have been so much worse, so a good job it was traveling at such a low speed.

According to latest reports on Twitter, the U.S. Coast Guard had to drain the lock, and no doubt causing a backlog for other ships waiting to enter the lock. The ship will have to remain there for the time being while an investigation begins, and no details have been given as to how long the ship will have to stay there for.

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