New Norwegian Specialty Dining Packages are customizable

New Norwegian specialty dining

Cruise lines are always playing about with their dining options in order to appeal more to their passengers, just as Royal Caribbean did a few days ago, and now the Norwegian Cruise Line. Today the company has announced their new Specialty Dining Packages that are customizable, as it gives passengers the freedom to experience a range of the many different specialty restaurants.

The new flexible Specialty Dining Packages means a guest can choose the number of nights they wish to dine at one of these restaurants for a set price. This could mean just a few days of the cruise, or the entire duration.

Prices per person for three days starts at $59, which is said to offer an excellent rate of value, although we will let you be the judge of that.

More details can be found on, although we can tell you that you can either book one of these Specialty Dining Packages before you sail, which gives you a better rate, or while onboard once you have taken a look at these extra special restaurants.

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