Carnival Cruise Line changes drinks policy for security

Carnival Cruise Line changes drinks policy

Carnival Cruise Lines have now changed its drinks policy once again, in order to increase security, and to also speed up boarding times. The number of people bringing alcohol, bottled water, soda and bottled nonalcoholic drinks onboard has increased at a huge rate, and so the company has decided to issue a ban on these being brought onboard from July 9, 2015.

Passengers will still be able to bring a limited amount of soda or juice onto the ship, although they need to be packaged correctly. The limit is just 12 cans or cartons per person.

We can understand that passengers will be upset about these changes to the Carnival drinks policy, as it is was a way for them to save money. This means they will now have to purchase more drinks onboard, although bottled water will be reduced in price to try to keep passengers happy – not sure this gesture is enough though.

If you are found to be smuggling drinks onboard, then staff will confiscate them before being allowed onto the ship. It is the hope that once passengers get used to this new policy they will no longer try to smuggle alcohol and other such drinks, and so boarding will be speeded up.

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