Jamie’s Italian restaurant June pricing changes on Anthem

Jamie's Italian restaurant June pricing changes on Anthem

One of the specialty restaurants onboard Anthem of the Seas, Jamie’s Italian restaurant has gone back on its pricing and reinstated a cover charge. The eatery toyed with a-la-carte pricing for a while, but has since made changings once again to $30 per person.

The annoying thing is, before the a-la-carte pricing, the cover-charge for Jamie’s Italian restaurant on Quantum was $25, so that’s a $5 increase right there. Anthem went straight to per-item fees, although it could not have been popular, otherwise Royal Caribbean would not have reverted back to the original pricing.

Having said that, according to Cruise Critic, it was Jamie Oliver himself that pushed for a-la-carte pricing, and so it seems as though he is out of touch with the average cruiser.

According to the cruise website, passengers onboard Anthem thought the restaurant was too expensive, as an appetizer started at $7, a main from $15 right up to $25 and a dessert could cost from $2 to $7.50, and so you can see why passengers were not happy.

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