P&O Adonia reassigned for 2016 season

P&O Adonia reassigned for 2016 season

Carnival Corps. Held a press conference yesterday to talk about a new cruise line that they have started, although this is very different to the others under their umbrella. The new line is call fathom, which we already offered details on, although we want to elaborate more on what it means to one of P&O’s ships.

When looking on the P&O website you may have noticed that there are no Adonia cruises for 2016, or even in the brochure, which seemed to have slipped us by.

This is because from April 2016 the Adonia will be reassigned to the fathom Cruise Line. She will still be part of the P&O Cruises fleet, and so we assume from this she is just on loan, just until other ships from other cruise lines owned by Carnival can be reassigned.

We have already been contacted by our readers saying how much they will miss Adonia in 2016, although also admire the good work the ship will be undertaking. For more details visit fathom.org.

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  • http://www.myportsofcall.com/ Dan Cottle

    I wonder if ADONIA is loaned out for only one the 2016 season, might Carnival use a Fantasy Class ship in this venture?

  • Peter

    You would like to think so, as Carnival has a lot more ships in the fleet than P&O.