Carnival’s new cruise line fathom strictly volunteer cruises

Carnival's new cruise line fathom strictly volunteer cruises

Carnival has announced the formation of yet another cruise line, making it the tenth. However, how this one will differ is that the new line fathom (with a lower case f) will be strictly volunteer cruises. To help get this new line off the ground Carnival will reposition the Adonia from P&O, although she will still keep her name.

This is a strange move for P&O to allow, as many of its previous passengers have a lot of love for the ship, something that we will look at a little closer later today.

During yesterday’s press conference, Carnival said fathom are to run these volunteer cruises every week from Miami to Amber Cove, Dominican Republic. You would have assumed they would have done it to Haiti seeing as though things are much worse there, and could do with a lot more help.

While on the ship the people will then undergo intensive training in volunteer activities, such as learning how to teach English, or to learn how to build water-filtration devices from clay.

Carnival Corp. has invested $85 million into this new project, and so is committed to helping people. For more details visit the Cruise Critic Blog for an informative Q&A.

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