River cruise lines update passengers on safety after Eastern Star

River Cruise Lines updates passengers on safety

Passengers that have booked a cruise along the Yangtze River have been contacting the river cruise lines that have ships there, as they have a few concerns on safety. This is to be expected following such a tragic incident with the Eastern Star, but these companies have been trying to reassure them.

Several river cruise lines that have a ship on the Yangtze River have been saying that their ships are completely safe, and the reason for the tragic accident with the Eastern Star was due to a set of out of the normal circumstances.

They have all been saying the same thing to their customers, and that is the fact several vessels on the river were unaffected by the weather conditions. All of these took precautions, while the Eastern Star was said to have carried on, which could have been the reason she capsized.

If you are still worried, then you should contact Victoria Cruises and Century Cruises to help put your mind at ease. Let’s not forget Costa Concordia, which saw 32 people die. Ok, so this is not on such a large scale in terms of the lives lost, but it proved that such an incident was not likely to happen again, just a set of strange circumstances, ones that will never be repeated – or so we hope.

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