Costa Cruises celebrates with May, June events

Costa Cruises celebrates with May, June events

Costa Cruises will be taking part in a series of events to help celebrate Italian Republic Day, and will also be holding several other events during May and June. All ships on the June 2, 2015 will be flying the Italian flag, and these ships will also have some great festivities planned.

The first of these events will be on May 30 on the Costa Favolosa, while she is in Copenhagen, and also on May 31 on board the Costa Pacifica at Kiel. The two other ships and dates are June 9 on the Costa Fortuna, while she is in Stavanger, and June 11 for the Costa Favolosa in Oslo.

The cruise line has not gone into too much detail about what festivities they have planned, although we do know that special menus will be used at lunch times, and is a perfect time for not only the Italian guests, but also guests from other countries to enjoy also.

Costa has said that all guest will be able to enjoy different foods and special cocktails; let’s just hope they do more than just that, as it will be a bit of an anticlimax otherwise.

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