New Norwegian Cruise Line jobs to fix reversed policy

New Norwegian Cruise Line jobs

It was not too long ago that Norwegian Cruise Line evoked a ban on food being taken out of all restaurants, as a way to help keep the ship clean. However, it was no surprise that passengers were up in arms about this, as they have always enjoyed being able to take food back to their rooms, especially if someone is ill and bound to their cabin.

We know that you can ask for room service, although the menu is limited. The good news is, this food ban has since been revoked due to the public outcry.

However, this does not get away from the fact that passengers will still leave empty plates outside cabins, which was one of the biggest issues in the first place.

However, President and Chief Operating Officer Andy Stuart has said that the way to fix this issue is by offering new Norwegian Cruise Line jobs.

They have yet to announce these new job listings, although you can head to and search through the many postings to see if there is a position for you.

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