Free Carnival Vista upgrades not apparent

Free Carnival Vista upgrades not apparent

If you have been contemplating booking a cruise on the new Carnival Vista for next year, but have yet to make your mind up, then Carnival Cruise Lines UK has an incentive running to help make the decision process an easier one.

In what is being described on the homepage as free Carnival Vista upgrades, we have issues in actually finding them. We have been through most of the booking process to see what you actually get as an incentive, and it’s not made very clear.

From what we can see you gain a free cabin upgrade, although it only looks as though the upgrade is pretty much for the same type cabin, unless we are missing something. And, if it is just this, then this is the very same promotion that has been running ever since bookings went live for the Vista.

Let’s say we have got it wrong and there is actually a decent free upgrade, then you have up until the 19th of June to take advantage of the offer. You can also get an 8-day Mediterranean cruise where prices start from just £609 per person, which we have to say is a pretty decent price.

Have you booked your cruise to sail on Carnival Vista next year?

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