New Saga Sapphire entertainment with Sam Bailey

New Saga Sapphire entertainment with Sam Bailey

It would seem that the 2013 X factor winner, Sam Bailey has come full circle. Many years ago she used to work on a cruise ship, and has now returned to the seas, as part of the entertainment on the Saga Sapphire.

This seemed inventible since Simon Cowell’s record label dropped her earlier this year. This is yet another example that the winner of X Factor tends to not do very well compared to those that do not go all the way.

One Direction never won, and they are currently the most successful boy band in the world. And, while not as big, Olly Murs is also doing very well, and he never walked away as a winner either.

Let’s not take it away from Sam though, she has a great voice, it’s just she fell pregnant shortly after winning the show, and so we can understand that priorities change.

During her time singing on the Saga cruise ship she will have her husband with her, while her mother looks after the three children. This means we do not except it to be a very long contract. However, she has since been using her spare time to write a song, and should be released as an album in the not too distant future.

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