Liberty, Freedom of the Seas new dining option

Liberty, Freedom of the Seas new dining option

If you are due to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise sailing on either Liberty or Freedom of the seas, then there is a new dining option for you. For just $20 per person, per day, you can go for the Ultimate Dining Package.

What this gives you – Passengers who pay this $20 fee each day will have access to the specialty restaurants on your cruise, although make certain that you take advantage of this.

You will need to pay for each day you are on your cruise, and so cannot decide to just do one day, or the cruise line will not make money on their current daily charge.

By taking Royal Caribbean up on this offer, you could save as much as $105 on your cruise. The current charge if you were to pay for a specialty restaurant is $35 per person for Chops Grille, $25 for Giovanni’s Table and the same price for Sabor Modern Mexican.

We are not certain what other ships this new Ultimate Dining Package is available on, but we are sure more than the two mentioned above.

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