Norwegian Dawn update on compensation expected

Norwegian Dawn update on compensation expected

People have been hoping to hear an update in regard to the Norwegian Dawn following her issue in Bermuda yesterday. We already know that she has been refloated since running aground on a reef, but passengers on board are curious to know if they will be entitled to any compensation, as it is expected.

The thing is, passengers have been told that the ship will not be moving until Thursday at the earliest, which means a disruption to its itinerary. This is certain to have a knock-on effect with the next sailing as well, and so no doubt will have to skip a port or two.

Passengers have been told by the captain that they will have to wait for more information, and looking on the Norwegian Cruise Line website, they have yet to issue any sort of statement in regards to any sort of refund.

The good news is, there is no damage to the ship and all the facilities on the ship are working fine. Things could have been so much worse because we know the reef around Bermuda is very tough and sharp, and have been known to rip through a ships hulls like butter.

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