Celebrity Cruises Bistro on Five price increase

Celebrity Cruises Bistro on Five price increase

If you have a cruise booked with Celebrity Cruises and already had plans to eat in Bistro on Five, then you might want to think again, especially if there are a few of you. This is because there has been a price increase at this casual creperie.

Celebrity Cruises has increased the price at Bistro on Five from $7 up to $10. To put this into perspective, that’s a hike of around 43 percent. I have seen a few increases in my time, but this one is huge. Ok, so it is only $3, but that is a lot when you consider the price was only $4 more than that in the first place.

The cruise company has not explained why they have increased the price, although we understand that overheads could be a little higher. Having said that, we highly doubt that costs have increased by 43 percent, and so we put this one down to greed.

We don’t yet know when this price increase will come into force, and whether you can get around it if you already have a cruise booked and log into your my Celebirty account to pre-book your reservation at Bistro on Five at the older price.

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