Recommended Norwegian Cruise Line itineraries for May

Recommended Norwegian Cruise Line itineraries for May

If you love the thought of going on a cruise, although hate the thought of paying such high prices, then help is at hand. Norwegian Cruise Line has a section on its websites that recommends cruises for the coming month, so there is still time to take advantage of some great deals.

There are six recommended Norwegian Cruise Line itineraries for May for different regions; these are Western Mediterranean, Grand Mediterranean from Barcelona to Venice, Adriatic, Greece & Turkey from Venice, Baltic Capitals from Copenhagen, Venice & Greek Isles and Grand Mediterranean from Venice to Barcelona.

All the guesswork is taken out of booking a cruise, as these destinations have a diverse culture that appeals to many tastes. Ok, so we know they are all based around the European region, although that is what NCL is all about.

For those looking for the Caribbean that is where Carnival comes in, or if you would prefer a world cruise, then maybe you should check out P&O instead.

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