P&O Cruises incentive for May or June 2015 bookings

P&O Cruises incentive for May or June 2015 bookings

It is no secret that all the cruise lines try and come up with new incentives in order to persuade you to book with them rather than a rival, and P&O Cruises is the latest one to do this. While looking on their website earlier today we noticed that P&O has an incentive for customers that book a cruise in either May or June.

Ok, so we know it does not give you long, but the P&O Cruises incentive of £540 of on board spending per cabin on European cruises is surely enough to make you consider booking one today?

Having that amount of on board credit could allow you to hold off booking any shore excursions, because if you book while already on your cruise, then the cost can be added to your room, and so your free credit could help pay for them.

Looking on the website we can see a choice of 242 cruises that all benefit from this extra credit per cabin, although there could be more, these are just based on selecting a balcony room.

For more details on this incentive of extra on board spending money, please head to the P&O Cruises UK website.

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