Carnival LIVE concert acts and cruise dates

Carnival LIVE concert acts and cruise dates

There is no denying that when it comes to fun and entertaining cruises, Carnival has you pretty well covered. They always seem to make cruising enjoyable, and even more so with its Carnival Live Concert Series. There are currently 7 different acts at the moment, although more could be added.

The Carnival LIVE concert acts are Boston, Heart, Lionel Riche, Rascal Flatts, Smokey Robinson, STYX and The Band Perry – if only Katy Perry. More details on each artist can be seen on this dedicated Carnival page.

Each artist will perform more than once on a selection of different dates, which you can see here. The Carnival LIVE concert cruise dates started from April 20 and runs until October 19, 2015.

Please remember that these concert tickets come at an additional cost, and so make certain you book it at the same time as you book your cruise to avoid disappointment.

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