Celebrity Eclipse World Class Bar location, midship Deck 5

Celebrity Eclipse World Class Bar location

Celebrity Eclipse has recently undergone a refit and one of the main new features is the addition of the World Class Bar, which replaces the Molecular Bar, which might not go down well with some passengers. However, this is something you will have to put up with, as this venue will be fitted to all Solstice-class ships in the fleet.

This latest venue is a great new addition to the ship, and the Celebrity Eclipse World Class Bar location, is midship on Deck 5, so if you have a cruise booked we advise you to give it a try. We can see this becoming a very popular area for people to sit and have a drink and try out the many different concoctions.

It was a couple of days ago now that World Class finalist Julio Cabrera gave people an example of the kind of drinks menu that passengers on Eclipse could look forward to, which you can see in the video above.

All of the drinks are sophisticated and so fits into the theme of the Solstice-class ships. There is no point trying to enjoy a drink without having the right ambiance, and so subtle lighting has been added to the venue, as well as the tables having a soft, warm glow and each bottle of drink being lit up.

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