P&O schedule following Azura’s refit and livery update

Azura's refit and livery update

Azura has undergone a refit and a livery update and she certainly looks lovely in her new colours. P&O has offered no details as to what improvements have been made to the ship, although we can only presume that carpets have been changed in all staterooms, along with all new bedding.

This is now the third ship in the fleet to sport the new livery, which first started with Britannia and Aurora. P&O’s schedule following Azura’s refit can be seen in detail below.

Adonia is set for her refurbishment in May 2016, followed by Oriana in December 2016. Next will be Oceana in December 2017, then Ventura in April 2018 and finally Arcadia in November 2018.

We do worry that these refits are only limited and do not bring too much in terms of new features and enhancements. However, we hope that the closer we get to these refits, P&O would have changed their mind and decide to make some much-needed improvements.

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