Celebrity Cruises highlights premium excursions

Celebrity Cruises highlights premium excursions

When it comes to cruises, Celebrity not only offers you a unique experience while onboard, but also during those excursions as well. The cruise line wants you to enjoy your time with them and believes that its premium excursions will give you a completely new perspective.

They say that by offering exclusive and extraordinary tours that will allow you to connect to the world, and also enhance your vacation experience.

Celebrity Cruises is marketing this feature of their cruises because they have recently announced four new shore excursion collections that are unique to them.

These new excursions are said to cater for different tastes, and are broken down into Uniquely Celebrity, Culture & Locale, Lifestyle & Wellness, and Family, and so there is surely something for everyone.

If you head to the Celebrity Catalyst website you will see details on each of these excursion types, and so giving you a better idea of what they consist of, so that you will be able to come to an informed decision before you set sail on your cruise.

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