Legend of the Seas Norovirus outbreak, rescheduling expected

Legend of the Seas Norovirus outbreak

Two ships owned by Royal Caribbean have been affected by a Norovirus outbreak, which are the Legend of the Seas, and Celebrity Infinity. Both have now come into port are now undergoing a deep clean, although not before the Centers for Disease Control took some samples.

Over 200 passengers became sick during the outbreakes, 114 on Legend and 106 on the Infinity. People on both ships have said that the crew were very helpful, and also made certain that passengers were washing their hands as often as possible.

Over-the-counter medication was also given out to try and contain the Norovirus outbreak, but we all know how tough that can be in confined spaces.

We can fully understand that those people on the cruise would feel unhappy about the outbreak, but it is unfair to blame the cruise lines, as things like this usually begins because of a few individuals not being hygienic and following the simple instruction.

Celebrity has already said that those guests that do not wish to sail on the next Infinity cruise will be allowed to reschedule for a later date. However, there is no such news on Legend of the Seas rescheduling, although we suspect Royal Caribbean will offer the same sort of deal.

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