Carnival Vista progress specifies float out ceremony

Carnival Vista progress

Since attending the Carnival Vista launch event back in January, news has been a little quiet, although this is to be expected. We hope to get some new information very soon, seeing as though the new ship is set for its Coin Ceremony/Float Out.

Looking at the image above we can see an infographic of the Carnival Vista progress, and it is the Coin Ceremony/Float Out that is set to take place in June, followed by work at the Wet Dock from July 2015, to April 2016.

Sea trials are to take place in January 2016, with crew Arrivals in March and Ship Delivery in April of next year.

Going back to that first event taking place in June, this is a ship building tradition that dates back to ancient times. What happens is that a coin is welded to the upper deck of the ship, which is meant to bring good fortune.

After this is done the float out will then take place and will see Vista enter the Wet Dock phase of her construction. She will have to be towed there, as she will not have any propulsion so cannot power herself.

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  • Oil Lady

    Exciting to be apart of the phases of the Carnival Vista. I know it is going to be a ship of all ships wooohoooo.