Carnival Cruise Lines implementing expanded room service

Carnival Cruise Lines copies Norwegian room service charge

It would seem that Carnival Cruise Lines wishes to trial what Norwegian has already started, and that is to charge for room service. This will only be a test for now for its 24-hour room service menu, and just on selected ships for now.

However, there is to be a new menu to go with this premium service, which is one of the reasons to start charging for it. There is a varied range of food on the menu, such as chicken wings, customizable pizzas, fried shrimp, quesadillas and sushi, which ranges in price from $4 to $7.

There is to still be a free menu, but Carnival is adding more in order to offer a better quality of service for passengers looking for that bit extra. This means that you can still take full advantage of free hot and cold food around the clock, although the menu will still be limited.

We feel certain that this move will gain a mixed response, because while some will be happy with an increased menu, others believe that any items from room service should come free of charge – well in with the price of your cruise.

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  • Jeff

    Stop charging and nickel and dimeing the consumer. Have a regular room service menu if you want the expanded menu then u can pay. Cruise are not all-inclusive any longer I thought Carnival would not do this.