Harmony of the Seas with Disney park features

Harmony of the Seas with Disney park features

We already knew that the upcoming ship from Royal Caribbean, Harmony of the Seas was to come with water slides that are better than we have seen on ships from the fleet before, but we never expected them to be designed from Aquatic Design & Engineering.

This Orlando-based company has a decent amount of experience in this area because they have designed water slides for several Disney Park resorts, as well as fountains from many remarkable places from around the world, one of which includes the presidential palace in Abu Dhabi.

With a company such as ADE working on the design of the Harmony of the Seas water slides, you know that you are in for something special, and feels us with a great deal of excitement.

It’s no surprise that Royal Caribbean is taking the water slide business so seriously, as there seems to be more cruise passengers seeking more water-themed rides on ships, especially when sailing in warmer climates.

Carnival ships have always had such slides, although these new ships have gone into it in a far bigger way, and with Harmony of the Seas set to be the biggest cruise ship on the seas, its range of water slides is expected to be unsurpassed – well at sea anyway.

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