New 175,000 ton Costa cruise ship announcement expected

New 175,000 ton Costa cruise ship announcement expected

As you well know, Carnival is the biggest cruise company in the world, and has a number of cruise lines under its umbrella, such as P&O, Cunard, Princess, Seabourn, Holland America, AIDA and Costa. The good news for some of these lines is that they are to benefit from a huge push from their parent company, as Carnival Corporation is set to order 10 new ships.

It’s been suggested that Carnival will make an official announcement tomorrow, so what we currently know is pretty much guesswork. However, we have reason to believe that Costa could be set for a new ship, and will be the largest in the fleet at 175,000 gross tons.

As for the size of the other ships, we do not yet know, although it would be obvious to see Carnival itself to benefit from a ship of the same size, as well as P&O, which would make it larger than Britannia.

The main reason for these ten new ships that will be on order through to 2028 is because of trying to compete with Royal Caribbean in Europe.

Who do you think will benefit from these ten new ships, and where would you like to see them.

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