2016 Disney Magic UK cruise deals now live

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Some clarification has been added below this article in regard to the time 2016 Disney Magic cruise deals will go live, which include bookings sailing from Dover in the UK. The go-live time is still 9AM, but it will be one of the United States timezones. The 2016 cruises are now live, 10:45AM GMT.

Original article: Disney Magic cruises from Dover in 2016 will go live at 9AM UK time today, although families are hoping to see some deals considering the high prices for such sailings in the past. Looking at the booking system right now, clicking Disney Magic sailings leaving Dover in July reveals some really high prices, as you can see in the screenshots on this page.

In fact, some families got confused thinking they could book Disney Magic cruises right now for next year, but this was not the 2016 sailings and instead for 2015. Prices for a cabin allowing for a family of five were extremely high, and topped £17,000 for a balcony but this might be a system error.


The 12-Night Northern Europe cruise on Disney Magic for a family of 5 is priced at £19,541.89, as you can see in the screen above. The only option available is a Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Veranda at this price, other than a Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah at £36,152.32. These are ridiculous prices for 2015 out of most families reach, again unless they are incorrect and meant for next year.

We will know more at 9AM when online booking for 2016 leaving Dover go live. At that time, we will update this article with more details on the Disney Magic cruise deals and hopefully some sort of early-bird discount. It’s also good to remember Disney Cruise Line don’t sail from the UK that often, so they will be sought-after by many families if the price is right.

Update: The 9AM time is still set, but it won’t be GMT, instead it’s a USA timezone like PST or EST. There’s a 3 hour gap between these two timezones, so it’s still unclear what zone the Disney Cruise Line website is running on. We have reached out to Disney Cruises in regard to this for clarification, although leave a comment if you know the answer already.

Update 2: The cruises just went live for 2016.

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  • char_321

    9am UK time? I can’t see that they have been released yet, will it not be 9am US time?

  • Mike

    They are now live.