Disney Magic UK cruise departure dates for 2016

Disney Magic UK cruise departure dates for 2016

Disney is to come to UK with a select number of departure dates for 2016, and the good news is, you will be able to book these from tomorrow, March 26, 2015. Disney magic will not only sail from the UK, but also Norway and Iceland as well.

However, it’s the itinerary for Britain that interests us the most, as Disney Magic will sail from Dover for a select number of 12-night cruises, one of which departs on June 5th, 2016 and will take in several ports, some of which includes Kirkwall, Greenock, Liverpool, and Dublin.

There is another departure on June 17th, which is where Magic will sail from Dover to Norway, so taking in the wonderful views of the Fjords. The Disney Cruise Line has more details on its website, although the full 2016 itineraries will not be known until tomorrow.

If you have yet to book a cruise and are wondering where to go, then just remember that Disney Magic is currently cruising around Europe in 2015, and what makes these so special is the “Frozen”-themed events that will keep your little girls happy throughout the cruise.

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