Considering factors ahead of Carnival cruises to Cuba

Considering factors ahead of Carnival cruises to Cuba

Even though the U.S has started to ease restrictions with Cuba, it’s going to be a while before U.S. based cruise lines will be able to sail into Cuba’s waters and dock in the port of Havana. However, it’s obvious that the cruise industry will be eager to re-enter the market, and we suspect that Carnival will be one of, if not the first seeing as though they are the biggest.

Let’s try not to get too excited just yet because these things take time, and there are plenty of factors to consider before the Carnival Cruise Line starts to take bookings to Cuba once again.

First up, even before Carnival commits to adding Cuba to its itinerary, they need to make certain the infrastructure and port facilities are up to standard. There are also regulatory and policy considerations, which could be the toughest to overcome.

The U.S. cruise industry is monitoring developments very closely, as relations between the two governments need to be heading in the right direction, although things are looking rather positive at this time.

Norwegian Cruise Line is also ready, and is anxiously waiting for the travel embargo to be lifted, and so it’s now a waiting game.

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