Fred Olsen promotes cruise fitness with classes and food

Fred Olsen promotes cruise fitness with classes and food

When choosing to go on a cruise people look for different things, such as getting together with friends, visiting wonderful countries, enjoying food and also just to spend time relaxing. However, there are some people that also like to stay healthy by keeping fit and to not over indulge.

If you are one of those latter people, then Fred Olsen has taken to their Blog to show people how they can not only enjoy their cruise by doing all the things mentioned above, but also offers tips on how you can still keep fit.

Fred Olsen promotes cruise fitness with food

Fred Olsen first promotes some of its cruise fitness classes to help passengers stay in shape. The added benefit of this is how you can stay active with other passengers, which makes things much more fun. You can take part in several sessions, such as Pilates, Yoga or other such exercise programs.

If you are not one for such exercise, then Fred Olsen does has another suggestion, and that is by enjoying the evening by dancing and listening to music as you do. You will be amazed at how many calories can be burned while dancing to Swing or 60s music.

In order for all that hard work to not go to waste, you might want to consider going for the healthy food option while on your Fred Olsen cruise. We know how easy people get carried away by over eating, and also eating the wrong food, and so there are plenty of healthy alternatives, you just have to look for them.

When you are on a cruise do you still live by your healthy lifestyle?

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