MSC Seaside US homeport targets Caribbean cruise itinerary

MSC Seaside US homeport targets Caribbean cruise itinerary

MSC Cruises has released details on its new Seaside class ship, which will also be known as MSC Seaside. We can tell you that its homeport will be Miami, US and its cruise itinerary will be the Caribbean. This is a huge deal for the company, as it confirms its commitment to the US market.

Try not to get too excited just yet though, as the maiden voyage of the MSC Seaside will not take place until December 2017, and so the ship is still in its very early stages.

However, we can tell you that this new ship coming to the MSC fleet will be purpose built for the US market, which is so important when catering for a certain market. This is a huge departure for MSC, as they usually build ships that cater for the European market, and so want in on a more lucrative region.

MSC Seaside features that cater for the U.S. market are al fresco dining, ideal for the Caribbean, an extensive waterpark with two high-speed racing slides with loops, a promenade filled with shops, Adventure Trail, video games, and so much more.

Cruise Critic repots that the addition of more Seaside class ships is all part of MSC’s commitment to improve its fleets, which does not come cheap, as it is expected to cost the company around $5.3 billion, and so cracking the North American market will be so important to them.

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