Celebrity observes March Madness with Slider Party

Celebrity observes March Madness with Slider party

If you were lucky enough to just come back from a wonderful Celebrity cruise, but feel that you are missing some of the wonderful cuisine that you get on board, then fear not, as the cruise line is celebrating the March Madness 2015 sporting event by sharing with us its tasty Slider Party.

Over the next few weeks sports fans will get to see 68 teams take on each other in the 2015 Men’s College Basketball Championship Tournament, and fans of the sport always use this as a perfect opportunity to show off their cooking talents for friends.

Some people go for the basic options, whereas others prefer to show off their cooking talents, and if you recently came off a Celebrity cruise, then why not show them the sort of things you had been eating, and the Slider Party is just one fine example.

The people on the Celebrity Cruises Catalyst website felt compelled to share with its readers the recipe for the Slider Party, which comes from the Qsine restaurant.

You get to learn all of the ingredients you need, as well as the process to make that perfect slider, and instructions in how to cook it perfectly every time.

One thing is certain, if you nail the recipe you know your friends will be coming to yours each time a new 2015 NCAA Tournament match is played, with the first one kicking off later today. You can see the full schedule here.

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