Qualify for Disney Cruise Ship job opportunities

Qualify for Disney Cruise Ship job opportunities

There are some people that leave college and feel as though they need to get away from everyday life and try something different. They could travel, but we all know how much money that takes, and so more and more people are now embarking on a career on cruise ships. The good thing is, this gets you away from it all, while also getting to see other countries, all the time you will be earning an income as well.

Cruise ship companies are always on the lookout for new recruits, and we know for certain that there are a number of Disney Cruise Ship job opportunities coming up all the time. However, there is a certain criteria that needs to be met in order for you can come close to qualify for a job with them.

Disney Cruise Line pride themselves with offering a flawless service and so only look for the most talented of people in order to train them – well that’s how they describe it to us.

In order to go for a job on a Disney cruise ship you will first need to connect with a Procurement Ally, which you can find here. However, even before that process there are a few things you need to look through in order to qualify, which also includes a background check. A list of these things can be found here, but the most important factors are that you need to be 21 or over, be able to understand and speak English clearly, able to work 7 days a week for around 70 to 84 hours and been employed for more than two years previous.

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