Celebrity’s 4 steps for sleeping on a cruise

Celebrity's 4 steps for sleeping on a cruise

Even though sailing on a Celebrity cruise ship is a different experience from other ships from other companies, there are still those of you that have trouble sleeping. It does not matter how relaxed you feel, some of you seem to struggle to get a good night’s sleep.

However, help is at hand because Celebrity is sharing 4 easy steps for sleeping on a cruise, or more to the point, Celebrity’s AXESS magazine is. These are said to be tried and tested methods.

The first step is classed as Zone In, this means that try to detach yourself from home life, so no trying to get in contact with anyone, and also make certain that all your devices have their time set to the zone you are currently in.

Next is called Healthy Habits, which means try to refrain from getting too much into the party mood and drinking too much alcohol than you would normally drink. Even though there is a great choice of food on the menu, try not to over indulge, so just take things in moderation.

Bedtime Prep, always try to maintain what you would do at home, so if that means an evening shower, then make certain you stick to it. Keep the shower nice and cool and maybe use a few aromatherapy products to help offer a sedative effect.

Finally, try to keep your stateroom as dark as possible, so maybe pack a few extra scarves, which you could put at the bottom of the door to block out any light from outside the room. Also use earplugs or even an eye mask.

We know that some of these are rather obvious, but you will be surprised at how many people forget things like this while trying to have a cruise to remember.

Thanks Celebrity Catalyst.

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