Celebrate Mother’s Day 2015 by booking a Carnival cruise

Celebrate Mother's Day 2015 by booking a Carnival cruise

There are most of us that can only afford something small for our Mum on Mother’s Day 2015, although that does not mean you love her any less. However, for those that are able to spend more than the average person, then you could always consider booking a Carnival cruise for her.

Believe it or not, there is even time to book a Carnival cruise in time for this Sunday to help celebrate Mother’s Day 2015, although you will need to be quick, seeing as though there are flights and other travel arrangements to consider.

We run a simple search for Carnival cruises for the month of March and can see a total of 43 itineraries, with some of them setting sail tomorrow, which is just too short of a notice. However, there are still plenty with more realistic dates, some that even set sail on Mothering Sunday, which would certainly be a nice surprise and a very lovely gift for your mother.

Believe it or not, prices of these cruises start at just over £200, although those are without flights and transfers, and also for the most basic cabin. However, once you have added the prices of flights etc, then you are looking at just over £1,000 for a 3-day cruise. More details of which you can see here.

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